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ITSOFFROAD the home of Trials, Dirt Bike, and ATV Basic Training         
At “ITS OFF ROAD", our goal is to educate youth and adults to safe and responsible motorcycle riding.  Whether it be on dirt bikes, trials bikes or ATVs, we have the skills and experience to help teach you the proper and safe techniques.  Our experience in training comes from years of riding and competing.  Get more information on our "Training" page.

Our training DVD

The training DVD, "The Basic’s of Trials Riding", is a great instructional video for those of you who need to learn the basic techniques of MOTO Trials riding. Training covers the basic techniques of riding trials bikes. These Trails riding techniques will also prove invaluable when riding your dirt bike. The DVD includes 23 instructional subjects and 3 demos.

Topics Covered: Stretching * Proper gear * Parts of the motorcycle * Chase Harker demo * Starting of the motorcycle * Adrew Oldar demo * Centrifical & manual clutches * Ryan Sandoval demo * Basic turning techniques * Advance turning techniques * Braking techniques * Uphill and downhill riding * Climbing obstacles * Loading the suspension * Double blip technique * Conclusion * Outtakes

Price is $34.95 plus S&H within the continental U.S.A. is $3.95, elsewhere is $8.95.

To purchase, please contact Bill Markham.

Western Youth Moto Trials

Click here for 2015 results.

The Western Youth Moto Trials event happens this year at Tucker Ranch, Cotopaxi, Colorado.